June 29th, 2021

Frank Boehly was re-elected as President of the Conseil National du Cuir (CNC) and SIC S.A. (the commercial branch of the french leather industry) on 24 june 2021 during the General Assembly of both bodies. He is now starting his third term at the head of the French leather industry. Since 2014, as President of the CNC, he has represented the 21 member federations in discussions with the authorities and has defended their interests and their projects. 

Frank Boehly, President of Conseil National du Cuir and SIC S.A.
Frank Boehly, President of Conseil National du Cuir and SIC S.A.
Patrick Alves


After re-election, Frank Boehly recalled the decisive actions taken by the industry during his previous mandate. The work of the CNC has centred around a number of priorities:

- Representing the industry with the authorities: One of the few bodies to represent the entire industry value chain, CNC has defended the interests of federations on subjects such as the crisis in maritime freight, the recovery plan and help with the digitalisation of trade, as well as the problems relating to the storge of raw hides and the re-opening of shops during the pandemic.
- Protection of the term “leather” Until 2019, France was the only country to have a decree governing the use of the word “leather”. With the emergence of so-called “alternative” materials that incorrectly employ the term “leather” in their name, which is deceptive for consumers, the CNC has asked for the law to be tightened and is lobbying along with the French Tanners Association (FFTM) for a regulation to this end at the European level.
- Promotion of professions and know-how: Young people know very little about working with leather, one of the more intellectual manual professions. To encourage them to discover the sector and overcome any preconceived ideas they may have, CNC attends major careers fairs and other shows, and has produced a range of digital tools to reach young people including virtual reality headsets with 360° videos, a mobile app called “the Guide to the leather professions”, videos filmed in workshops and testimonies from young designers. Since 2018, a digital campaign has been running on Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness among Millennials of the sustainable material that is leather and the unrivalled range of creative possibilities it can offer. In parallel, the CNC supports the “savoir pour faire” campaign launched in  2019 by the Strategic Committee for the Fashion and Luxury sector (Comité Stratégique de Filière Mode et Luxe), to promote the 10 000 vacancies in the sector. Similarly, the Conseil National du Cuir has funded the Procédéthèque, a library of procedures, created by the Compagnons du Devoir. The aim is to train, transmit and preserve the excellence and expertise of our industry. 

Projects led by SIC S.A. to support leather professionals: 
- Providing funding for innovative companies:: in 2019, the Cuir Invest investment fund was created with an initial capital of 5 million euros to provide long-term support to the most promising young innovative companies in the sector. Since its creation, Cuir Invest has supported a number of projects: Authentic Material, ASF (Chamatex), Louise Carmen, Ictyos, Souliers Martinez, RSVP, Vestiaire Collective.
- Organising trade shows: after creating La Semaine du Cuir and Le Cuir à Paris, SIC SA is also a partner of professional shows such as APLF in Hong Kong and ACLE in Shanghai.
- Creating the Leather Fashion Design magazine: launched in 2018, LFD showcases the know-how of leather companies, encourages emerging labels and allows the entire sector to network.
- Coming soon, the opening of a community space in the heart of Paris: this area is designed to be useful to all those working in the fashion and luxury sector and will also be open to the general public from time to time. A number of services will be offered to professionals – from the leading luxury houses to young entrepreneurs – to support them in their development within this ecosystem.

With a strong commitment to all of these actions, Frank Boehly will soon announce new collective initiatives to serve the sector during his next term of office.



Since the beginning of his time as President, Frank Boehly and the CNC have accompanied the sector in a more responsible approach with a firm emphasis on CSR. Launched three years ago, the Sustainable Leather Forum, the next edition of which will take place on 13 September, has become a reference as a platform for discussion and sharing best practices in CSR in the leather, fashion and luxury sectors. It meets the need for transparency, information and traceability expressed by consumers. Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility has gained in importance in recent years and must now be at the heart of any corporate strategy.

Frank Boehly, President du Conseil National du Cuir : « In its role as a professional confederation, the CNC in conjunction with all the member federations, is tasked with facilitating the social and environmental efforts of companies, and as a result a number of initiatives have been put in place by the industry. Working with CTC and leather professionals, we have, for example, created CSR reference criteria that allow companies in the sector to assess their performance in this area. With a desire to move things forward, CNC co-leads the working group on animal well-being within the PARIS GOOD FASHION association and we are also involved in the work led by CSF Mode et Luxe on CSR. It is therefore essential to listen to and talk to the entire ecosystem, and notably consumers who are increasingly demanding. In a few weeks we will be launching a study to better understand their perception and their expectations with regards to leather. We also have to make it clear that leather is a natural recycled material and we want to highlight all the virtues and qualities of this marvellous material, with a special focus on its sustainability. » 


Le Conseil National du Cuir

The confederation brings together 21 federations and professional unions of the French leather industry, ranging from the farming of livestock through to the finished products.

The French leather industry

  • 12 800 businesses
  • 25 billion euro turnover, 
  • 133,000 people employed in the leather, tanning, footwear, leathergoods and glovemaking and leather goods retail industries.
  • One of the world leaders for finished calf leather and exotic leather
  • 3rd biggest exporter in the world of leathers and raw hides
  • 13th largest exporter of finished leathers
  • World No.3 for exports of leathergoods